Muslim Feminist Jerin Arifa On Intersectional Feminism

This Muslim feminist wants to explain intersectional feminism.

“There can be no freedom as long as there’s one group oppressed because it’s only a matter of time fore they come for you.” Jerin Arifa explained. “Kimberlé Crenshaw came up with the term intersectionality to describe Black women who were in court because there being discriminated against for being both Black and women. But they were not able to get justice because that idea had not been explored before. Intersectional feminism looks at all forms of inequality, not just gender-based but race ethnicity, language barriers, everything. And it says that there can be no equality without equality in all forms.”

She went on to say, “My call to action for International women’s Day and every day is to start thinking about a group that you have privilege over. And I know that word can be triggering for people because you might be thinking, ‘My president brags about sexually assaulting women. What privilege do I have?’ But most of us have some form of privilege. So please start learning about groups that you do have privilege over. So, if you’re an able-bodied person, read one blog post by a person with a disability. If you’re a white woman, please read one blog post by somebody who is a woman of color. And really be brave. Being intersectional requires courage because it requires is to admit that we have unconscious biases.”

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