Nancy Lublin Founded Crisis Text Line To Help Young People With Depression

Nancy Lublin founded Crisis Text Line, which has helped six million people deal with pain.

“100% of suicides should be preventable. But it sometimes feels like the help is hard to access, and that there aren’t alternatives,” she explained. “I think text feels safe. You don’t feel judged. You don’t hear someone’s voices on the other side or a gasp. Instead of having to wait a few hours to connect with someone, you can do it right there in the moment.”

Crisis Text Line was founded in August 2013 as an offshoot of Lubin’s previous company, a youth resource for social change that uses texts to communicate with its members. 14,000 people around the country are vetted crisis counselors, who go through approximately 30 hours of online training.

“There are these heroes who don’t wear capes and are not in the Infinity Wars movie. They’re everyday humans who can be anywhere, in their jammies, at home on their couch like eating Doritos, while helping you feel heard, reminding you how strong you are,” said Lublin.

The Crisis Text Line also gathers info about mental health trends, which is severely lacking in most countries. Lublin is also launching a company called Loris.AI to train employees in empathy skills and help fund the text line.

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