This Native American Teenager Is Trying To Save Missing Indigenous Women

This girl is fighting for missing Native American women. 16-year-old Amaia Marcos is part of the Oglala Lakota tribe from the Pine Ridge reservation in South Dakota. She joined the resistance at the 2018 Women’s March to raise awareness of violence against indigenous women.

“We’re taken advantage of all the time and we’re done. We’re sick of it. Marcos stated. “Our Auntie went missing a while ago and so we haven’t found her or heard from her."

Almost 6,000 indigenous women in the U.S. were murdered or went missing as of 2016. And four out of five native women encounter violence in their lifetime.

She has a message for politicians, “Please, stop taking out land. Please respect our land that was given to us by our ancestors and we use that land to pray and to heal. If you take it more and more, what — we’re gonna have nothing left.”

Amaia is also asking for more support for her community.

“They can help with voting and signing petitions. They can also help by stopping stereotypical mascots, like the Redskins and the Western Warriors at schools we have here, and sexualizing women in our culture."

She’s hoping to garner more attention at rallies like the Women's March.