Nigerian Artist Transforms Scribbles Into Artwork

Nigerian artist Olarinde Ayanfeoluwa transforms scribbles into art to highlight social challenges in Nigeria.
“I started mastering it and then I figured that it was a better way for me to express myself,” she explained.
Ayanfeoluwa shapes evolve into portraits. The 22-year-old said her art is an outlet for self-expression. She also illustrates some of her country’s biggest challenges, like Nigeria’s unstable electricity supply.
Nigeria has more than 60 power outages a week, leaving approximately 74 million people in the dark.
“So I decided to tell one of the lies the government’s told us,” she said. “All these, our politicians they come in and they tell us that they are going to give us light, stable electricity, all of that.”
Ayanfeoluwa says her scribbles take anywhere from 10 minutes to five months to complete. Each of them sell for approximately $140. She also creates portrait through digital scribbles. She hopes her approach to art inspires other artists to embrace their creativity.