O. School Is A Sex Ed Platform For Under-Represented Communities

Andrea Barrica made a shame-free sex education school online.

She explained, “While I was going through [this] sexual liberation of mine, I really struggled to find things online. It was either Planned Parenthood or PornHub. And I always wondered like, what could be in the middle.”

She eventually launched “O. School” in 2017. The site has daily live-streamed sex education classes focused on overcoming shame about sex, sex after trauma and optimizing pleasure. More than 65 sex-positive educators teach the classes from all around the world, and aim to create a safe space for women, who often get trolled for speaking about sex online. They also developed a “Bechdel-style” test to help people recognize if they are having healthy sex.

Barrica created the online platform to provide access to sex ed in under-represented communities. Growing up in a Filipino American, Catholic family, comprehensive sex education wasn’t an option for her. With a background in tech and finance, Barrica wanted to create an inclusive platform, hiring pleasure professionals with diverse experiences to provide sex ed for the LGBTQ+ community and communities of color.

“Pleasure can be a massive source of power. It can be a massive source of energy. It can be a massive form of resistance. The more that we educate people the more we educate them about their bodies and their capacity for pleasure, the more conversations we can have around, you know, how we can build a culture with more sexual respect.”