Ohio Bill Could Make Abortion A Felony Punishable By Death

Ohio is considering a law to make abortions punishable by death after the House passed a bill criminalizing abortion after six weeks.

Legislators have drafted a bill known as the “personhood bill,” which categorizes a fetus as an “unborn human” at conception. The bill makes abortion a felony without exceptions for rape, incest, or a mother’s life being at risk.

Under the new bill, a mother and doctors who perform the procedure could face life in prison or the death penalty.

“Ohio just took us one step closer to becoming a forced-birth nation,” #VOTEPROCHOICE CEO & o-Founder Heidi Sieck told Refinery29. “Legislators in Ohio are banning abortion before women even know they’re pregnant — and we must stand up and speak out against this dangerous bill.”

The Ohio House of Representatives already passed the “heartbeat bill,” which would ban abortion after six weeks of pregnancy, unless there is a medical emergency or a mother’s life is at risk. Representative Christina Hagan, a lead sponsor of the bill, said legislators are introducing increasingly strict abortion laws to try and overturn Roe v. Wade at the Supreme Court level, now that the highest court has new justices.

The “heartbeat bill” is headed to the Ohio Senate for a vote, although some women don’t even know they’re pregnant before six weeks. Legislators are expected to try and push a bill to vote before the new state legislature takes office in 2019.