Olivia Wilde On Leslie Cockburn And What's At Stake In 2018

Actress Olivia Wilde explained what’s at stake during the 2018 elections.

“Our president doesn’t believe that social justice is a priority for Americans. There is an undercurrent of violent racism in this administration’s policies that is really, really damaging,” she said. “And it’s important to stand up and say what this country actually believes in and what we want our future to look like.”

Wilde says that midterm elections matter immensely, in some ways even more than the general election. She has been knocking on doors in Charlottesville, Virginia, encouraging people to vote for her mom Leslie Cockburn, who is running for U.S. Congress.

“I am from D.C. and Virginia and spent my life in a community that was incredibly diverse, a community represented by a lot of women that I really admired,” she said. “It is a year of women. We saw what happened with the Kavanaugh hearings. We saw how women were largely ignored. And now it’s a time to say we’re gonna vote and show you how you cannot ignore us and our rights.”

23% of people ages 18 to 35 voted in the 2014 midterm election — something Wilde hopes changes this year.

“Gather your friends and make sure they’re all registered and make sure they vote because the Republicans are underestimating you,” she stated.

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