Listen to Parkland Shooting Survivor Emma Gonzalez Speak Out Against Gun Violence

Emma Gonzalez is a Parkland shooting survivor speaking out against gun violence.

“People say that these kids don’t understand what they’re talking about — I took a class in this,” Gonzalez stated. “I might not have been able to finish the class, but that’s not my fault. I’m gonna go out of my way to continue studying this and making sure that my arguments are watertight and that anybody who has anything opposing to say gets the full clapback that they deserve.”

Gonzalez is an 18-year-old senior at Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School. After surviving the shooting, she believes others should be made aware of what the true experience was like.

She stated, “I know that it’s hard to watch those videos and some people are saying 'how dare they post something like that' — No, if we had to live through it, you should have to live through it too, if that’s what it’s gonna take for you to understand what it feels like then watch the freakin’ video.”

At a rally after the shooting, she delivered a 10-minute speech, which has taken over the Internet — now she’s ready to fight for gun control. Emma and other students have announced a march on Washington on March 24, which will hopefully motivate lawmakers to pass measures to prevent future mass shootings.