'Shiffon Co Jewelry' Empowers Women Entrepreneurs

These students sell “Pinky Promises” to support women.

“It kind of represents one woman supporting another. The adjustable design makes it really easy and accessible for everyone to wear and kind of really take this pinky promise to pay it forward to support women.” Shilpa Yarlagadda, one of the founders, stated.

She and co-founder Jenny Wang sell sustainable jewelry with feminist messages. They founded the company, Shiffon Co., while studying at Harvard University, and are best known for their duet pinky rings. 50% of the duet ring profits help fund grants for other women entrepreneurs.

“We noticed that most of the jewelry companies were actually male-founded. There was still a need for fine jewelry that had meaning. We would love to see more female entrepreneurs and companies that empower women succeed.” Yarlagadda stated.

Their rings have been spotted on celebs like Nicole Kidman, and Emma Watson.

“It’s really inspiring to us that these women who have such large platforms and are really able to affect change, want to support Shiffon especially in the context of many of the conversations that are happening today.” Wang stated.

The two also created a nonprofit arm of the company called Startup Girl Foundation, that works with other nonprofits around the world to award seed grants to young entrepreneurs.