South Carolina Mom Protesting After Her Daughter Was Bullied


This 12-year-old girl with a disability says she was bullied and her school did nothing to help — now her mom is organizing a protest.

Nae’Mya used a wheelchair and was in and out of school for a year, due to the muscle movement disorder generalized dystonia. She returned to school after she was able to walk again, but says she’s now being bullied and that her school would not help her.

Nae’Mya’s mom, Shasta LaMonica Partee, posted a video after she reportedly confronted the school because nobody took action. A few days later, Partee says that police arrested her because the school allegedly said she made terrorist and bomb threats and threatened children. Partee maintains that she never approached children or made the threats.

“Now I have a mugshot. At first, I was a wreck but God showed me this was only a part of my journey and as anything else I will overcome it,” she stated to NowThis. “The allegations are not true so I will fight it until I have justice for my daughter and myself.”

Partee is holding a protest on May 25, to share her story and encourages others to rise up against bullying and retaliation.

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