Trump's Federal Reserve Board Pick Stephen Moore Faces Backlash for Overt Sexism

Trump’s pick for the Federal Reserve Board Is getting blasted for his history of demeaning remarks toward women.

CNN resurfaced sexist articles written by Stephen Moore, a man Trump said he wants to nominate to the Federal Reserve Board of Governors, which regulates the monetary policies for all Americans.

Moore, and economic commentator, and former columnist for the National Review, wrote at least four articles in the early 2000s with sexist remarks.  

In one, he said women don’t belong in the NCAA as referees, announcers, vendors, or players alongside men, stating, “Is there no area in life where men can take vacation from women? What’s next? Women invited to bachelor parties? Women in combat? (Oh yeah, they’ve done that already.)”

Moore wrote that his exception would be refs who look like sports journalist Bonnie Bernstein, whom he suggested wear a halter top.   
In another article, Moore said women athletes don’t deserve equal pay—he also shamed his wife for voting for a Democrat and bonds supporting schools and the environment.

“Women are sooo malleable!” he stated. “No wonder there’s a gender gap.”

Moore responded to CNN about the resurfaced articles stating, “this was a spoof. I have a sense of humor,” but many on social media say Moore’s past work is concerning.

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