Syrian Women Found JINWAR, A Women-Only Village to Resist War & Male Domination

These Syrians built a women-only village to reclaim their freedom.  

Kurdish women in northeast Syria teamed up with local women originations to build JINWAR, which translates to “Women’s Land.” The village was designed exclusively for women and children who are seeking refuge from war and a male-dominated society. The women started the project after surviving life under ISIS and a civil war. The village was officially opened in November 2018.

According to the United Nations, the Syrian crisis has displaced more than 6.6 million people internally and women are facing high rates of gender-based violence.

JINWAR serves as a place for women to “rediscover, re-establish, and reclaim her inherent freedom.” It offers workshops, gardens, livestock, and an art center. It’s open to women and children of all ethnicities religions, and political views.

As stated one their Facebook page, “JINWAR aims to create a way of life in which every woman can reach her full potential free of the constraints of the oppressive power structures of patriarchy and capitalism.”