'The Tale' Director Jennifer Fox On Kavanaugh And Surviving Sexual Assault

Director Jennifer Fox is getting real about sexual assault.

“As someone who never forgot the very specific and precise details of my child sexual abuse, I can say memory can be incredibly accurate,” she stated. “It also is selective for what you need to remember or what burns into your memory.”

Fox turned her story of sexual abuse into the Emmy-nominated movie “The Tale,” but she says she relates to those survivors who hesitate coming forward publicly.

“I think it just proves that the issue of assault and child sexual abuse is so complex and so nuanced and very individual,” Fox said. “So every person has a different experience and has to go at their own pace to report and not report. Because even that’s a choice.”

Fox said that Dr. Christine Blasey Ford’s case highlights how women choose to stay silent, because making their stories public invites shame and ridicule.

“We can’t judge how people deal with trauma. I’m 58 and I’m way beyond the statute of limitations which is tragic,” she said. “Most women only really come to terms with what happened to them in middle age.”

Fox also stressed the importance of believing survivors when they do come forward.

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