These Hair Raisers Want to Decolonize and Decriminalize Afro-Textured Hair

In this special series to celebrate Ulta Beauty’s MUSE 100 – a new initiative that magnifies, uplifts, supports, and empowers select men and women in shaking up the beauty industry – host Marjon Carlos sits with the creator of the Detangler Brush and celebrity hairstylist Felicia Leatherwood, founder of Alikay Naturals, Rochelle Graham-Campbell, and content creator Jewellianna Palencia to get to the root of the self-esteem issues in many people with afro-textured hair, including the lack of resources available for taming and growing tresses, a lack of representation on television and in brands, and laws that criminalize Black men and women for wearing their natural hair. This video is sponsored by Ulta Beauty.