THINX Selling Absorbent Blanket For Period Sex

THINX wants women to have more period sex.

The company, which specializes in period-proof underwear, designed a special period blanket that claims to absorb your menstrual blood. It uses the same technology as the underwear, which claims to be able to absorb up to two tampons-worth of blood.

The blanket is part of the company’s overall mission to close the “pleasure gap.” According to THINX, women are four times more likely to find sex less pleasurable than men and pleasure can be enhanced for a woman during her period.

“So many people are made to feel afraid or ashamed of having sex on their period, but the truth is that period sex is totally safe and natural,” explained THIX CEO Maria Molland Selby.

The blanket is being sold for $369 — a price point that some express is too much.

Twitter user Jessica Ouellette stated, “If I’m paying that much, it needs to be an entire period sex mattress. Lawdy.”

Maggie Wiggin tweeted, “But the towels you already own are basically free…”

THINX also offers a blog with more info on period sex and other sex-positive information.

“We hope that the introduction of our sex blanket drives a new kind of conversation around period sex; one that encourages people not to feel shame or shy away from the human body during their period,” said Selby.

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