This Woman Designs 3D-Printed Jewelry For Women In Tech

Amelia Diggle is creating 3D-printed jewelry for women in tech.

“I’m creating a new perception. I’m merging technology and something feminine to create a whole new perspective,” she explained.
Diggle founded Human Interface Jewellery in 2018 to celebrate women who, like her,  are passionate about tech. She says there’s a desperate need for more women in tech and solutions to the industries’ gender bias.

43% of women report their male colleagues are paid more without reason and Diggle says there’s a major need for designers, project managers, researchers, etc. — positions she hopes women are inspired to fill.

She says the strategy behind 3D-printed jewelry and her tech designs is all part of a bigger initiative to motivate more women to enter the tech field.

“If we have each other’s backs, the things we can do are going to be pretty incredible,” she said.

She also says we jewelry is much more than an accessory.

“I want to grow HIJ,” she said. “And use the brand and the platform to tell more stories about women in technology and show that innovation is not just male.”