Thousands Participate In Nationwide Walkout To Protest Brett Kavanaugh

Know Your IX manager Sage Carson says she’s protesting Kavanaugh to protect future generations.

“Young people are seeing right now how the public treats survivors when they come forward,” she said. And if we move Kavanaugh forward and we appoint him the highest court in the land, we are going to stop a generation of survivors from speaking out, because the public has shown them that their voices don’t matter.”

Carson was one of many to rally at the Supreme Court in protest of Kavanaugh’s nomination after he was accused of sexual misconduct by two women. She got involved with Know Your IX, working to end sexual violence on college campuses, after surviving sexual assault as a student herself.

“It is unacceptable that we continue to ignore survivor’s stories for our own political convenience,” she said. “This country and this administration and the public constantly ask survivors to put their trauma on display and to talk about the pain that they’ve experienced, to talk about the violence they experienced as if us doing so is going to change the world that we live in. But we’ve seen time and time again that no matter how many times we talk about our trauma, people do not believe us.”

Carson urges people to call their senators and oppose Kavanaugh’s nomination. She also encourages young people to speak out against sexual violence in any way they can.

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