Tia Korpe Launched Future Female Sounds For Middle Eastern Women

Tia Korpe launched an all-girls DJ academy in the Middle East called Future Female Sounds.

“There’s so much talent in the Middle East but there is a lack of visibility for artists and a lack of access to spaces where they can develop their craft,” she explained.

Future Female Sounds is a nonprofit based in Denmark that hosts DJ workshops to foster new opportunities for young women worldwide. The organizations partnered with Le Fabrique Co-Working Space in Tunisia to create its first academy for aspiring DJs in Tunisia.

“The Tunisian DJ scene is really booming post-revolution here. But female DJs are less visible, less booked, and often also less paid,” Korpe explained.

The workshops include an overview on DJ skills, equipment training, sound curation, and performance management. The DJ academy wraps up its session with a night at the club with an all-women DJ lineup.

In a male-dominated scene, Korpe says the platform is a safe space for young women to learn the craft. DJ Mandala participated in the academy in Tunisia and says it helped her get exposure at top-rated venues.

Korpe says to overcome the gender gap, women need an opportunity to mix and make their music in front of as many audiences as possible.

“This isn’t just about professionalization and learning new skills,” she said. “It’s also about having a whole community behind you that supports you.”

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