Toronto Raptors Launches Team-Branded Hijabs, Inspired by Muslim Athletes

The Toronto Raptors launched a line of team-branded hijabs inspired by Muslim women athletes. The Canadian pro basketball team partnered with Nike to design a new line of team-branded hijabs.
The Raptors claim to be the first NBA team to offer an athletic hijab. The line was inspired by local sports organization Hijabi Ballers. The Toronto-based group promotes representation and participation of Muslim women in sports.
“Basketball in integral to our growing community in this cultural mosaic of a city. It allows us to come together and play, feel confident in our abilities and be celebrated for who we are,” they stated on Instagram. “WE couldn’t be more proud of our athletes and their contribution to changing the culture around sport in the city…”
Some applauded the Raptors for the line of hijabs.
“I love this! We need more women and girls in sport—this is how it’s done!” Canadian House of Commons member Catherine McKenna stated on Facebook. “So proud to live in a country where diversity and inclusion is our strength…”
However others are debating the inclusion of commercial hijabs.
“But not inspired by the women facing lengthy imprisonment for refusing to wear a hijab?” Rita Panahi asked. “Until it’s a free choice for women everywhere Nike should not be promoting it @Nike @ raptors.”