Transgender Candidate Christine Hallquist Wins Primary In Vermont

Christine Hallquist is the first trans woman on a major party’s ticket for governor.

The former utility CEO beat three other candidates by a significant margin.

“When I got into this campaign I was kind of confused because I’m like why is this a progressive message? This is called being a civil society,” she stated after her primary victory. “I try to avoid the gender stereotypes but women know how to do collaborative leadership.”

A win in November against Republican incumbent Phil Scott would make Hallquist the first trans governor in the U.S,, though Vermonters have not thrown out an incumbent governor since 1962.

Hallquist says it’s women like Virginia House Representative Danica Roem who keep her inspired and letters from her supporters that keep her focused.
“Those letters are what keep me going. You know, I don’t care how much grief I get from the haters and the bigots. There’s no way they can win over those letters,” she stated “I think it’s human kind’s expanding moral compass, is what that is. It takes brave leaders to make that happen.”

Hallquist says she’s committed to health care for all, raising minimum wage, and tuition-free college.