Vangie Williams Is Running For Office In Virginia's 1st Congressional District

Vangie Williams experienced homelessness through her life. Now she’s running for Congress to make sure no one else suffers.

“It makes you stronger in a sense that you understand the causes, the effects on the family, on your financial situation, on your career, how it affects the decisions made by medical professionals,” she stated. “By the time I was 18, I had moved quite a bit. I didn’t want to be a burden on family any longer. So I tried it on my own and ended up homeless.”

Williams has led government projects to improve infrastructure, protect national security, and develop space programs all while raising her six daughters. She said she was inspired to run for Congress after one of her daughters was diagnosed with a chronic disease.

Williams wants to make it so no American has to choose between health care and homelessness. She also wants to fight for gender equality, better education, and addressing mental illness to combat the opioid epidemic.

“We can’t just let this fester and just jail people because they are addicted. We need to help people before they get to that point,” she stated.

If elected, Williams would be the first Black woman to represent Virginia’s 1st congressional district.