Vegan Vlogger Venetia Falconer on Fashion Waste

Venetia Falconer is a vegan vlogger and sustainable fashion advocate, who is spreading the word about “fashion waste.”

“I think there’s a statistic now that when a woman buys a piece of clothing, she only wears it seven times before she chucks it out,” she explained. “For me, I want to be wearing the pieces that I already own time and time again. And when I do buy something new, I want to be thinking about that item of clothing being in my wardrobe for eternity.”

80 million pieces of clothing are consumed worldwide every year, causing nearly 100 million tons of waste and requiring enough water to fill 32 million swimming pools.

Falconer says she wasn’t aware of her environmental impact until a fan of her vlog pointed it out.

“I have a YouTube channel and I was talking about my vegan lifestyle a lot and I was showing the food that I was cooking. And then one of my subscribers left a comment saying, ‘It’s great that you’re talking about a vegan lifestyle, but what about the clothes that you’re wearing, because you’re promoting fast fashion,’” she explained. “The more I learned about fast fashion, I started to learn about the brands that I was wearing and the toxins going into our oceans from these fabrics and just the terrible state that the workers would be in to make these clothes.”

Falconer now shares tips and tricks for footprint-less lifestyle, with at least 30,000 of her social media followers and fans.