Wise Fruit NYC Dance Exhibit Supports Planned Parenthood

Brinda Guha curates dance events to celebrate womanhood.

“We are creating a series of social conscious work during a time of socially conscious need,” she explained. “Women are complicated but women are also very simple.”

Guha is a dancer, teacher, and choreographer. In 2017, she launched Wise Fruit NYC, a seasonal dance exhibit showcasing the challenges of beauty of life as women.

“The things that are going on from the top levels of government all the way down are effecting us every single day and as a Brown, queer woman, I have to deal with these issues when I go deal with my health insurance,” she said.

Each Wise Fruit Event also benefits Planned Parenthood to raise awareness around the millions of women the organization services.
“People need to release the assumptions of what Planned Parenthood is about,” Guha said. “Planned Parenthood is not solely an abortion center, Planned Parenthood is a medical center that sees people without judgement from all walks of life.”

Guha said artists have a responsibility to start a dialogue and create positive changes.

“So much of our network and so much of our industry is women of color and is women — I think it’s super important to use our craft toward created dialogue and awareness in spaces like this,” she explained.

More than 300 artists have joined the Wise Fruit initiative.