Woman Scores Job By Showing Up Dressed As Fearless Girl Statue

Jade Delaney dressed as a fearless girl to get a job — and was hired on the spot.

“She’s fearless and so am I, so why not become the fearless state for the day and see what happens,” she explained.

Fresh out of college, Delaney was hoping to land her first job in advertising, so she sent a message to the managing director of the global ad agency McCann Bristol, stating, “Today, I will be arriving outside McCann adorned in gold. Advertising, meet the #FearlessGirlBristol. I’m advertising myself as a determined young creative looking for a placement. Know the power of women in advertising. I can make a difference.”

Delaney delivered on her promise and stood outside the McCann offices for two hours dressed as the fearless girl statue. She also had a sign with her that said, “Know the power of women in advertising.”

“I was introduced to the fearless girl campaign, and instantly loved it. This campaign breaks boundaries,” she said.

McCann’s managing and group creative director ended up coming down to greet her and offered her a one-month paid trial job starting the following Monday. Delaney says she’s excited to start her career and also glad she could show the value of young women in the ad industry.