Women-Led Be Girl Featured Period Panties on the Runway to Fight Menstrual Inequity

A women-led company put period underwear on the runway to crush period stigmas around the world.
Be Girl is a social enterprise company that distributes sustainable menstrual products to girls globally. More than 250 million girls globally lack access to menstrual health resources.
During Mozambique Fashion Week, Be Girl showcased it’s period panties on the runway to symbolize its fight against menstrual inequity. The women-led company was founded in 2014. It distributes underwear, liners, cups, and educational products to 30 countries and partners with organizations across the globe to provide free products to girls in low-income and rural areas.  
“Putting period products on the runway is the ultimate stand against stigma. It becomes something normalized and even beautiful,” Audrey Anderson, Be Girl’s Chief Operating Officer stated.
The reusable products are made of material like microfiber, which can last up to two years. The company says for every Be Girl product in use, a region saves approximately 200 gallons of water and keeps 150 sanitary products out of waste streams.
Be Girl also created SmartCycle, a menstrual tracker designed to teach girls and boys about period cycles. So far, they have provided products to more than 57,000 people globally.