Women Merge Science and Design at Immersive Art Company Meow Wolf

Olivia Brown and Maggie Thornton merge science and design to bring immersive art company Meow Wolf to life.
Meow Wolf has evolved since its start in 2008. Originally co-founded by Santa Fe native Vince Kadlubek in an old bowling alley, it started as a collective for local artists to test their creative boundaries. It’s since grown into a popular attraction for art fans of all stripes, and is expanding nationwide.
Brown and Thornton are two of the over 400 artists in the collective.
“It’s grown into a company that focuses on supporting the artistic process and working collaboratively to make interactive installations,” Brown explained.  
Meow Wolf’s interactive experiences are designed by a diverse group of creative experts, including painters, architects, engineers, musicians, writers, and videographers. In light of its success, the company has announced plans for new exhibits in Las Vegas, NV, Denver, and Washington D.C. Brown says as Meow Wolf expands, she and other artists have the opportunity to test the limits of science and art.
“Something that’s really beautiful about the things that we’re making is that it opens people’s minds to new possibilities—so being able to broaden your scope of imagination,” she said. “You are not any longer inside of the world that you’re used to.”