Women Pose Nude Outside Victoria's Secret in London to Campaign for Body Diversity

Seven women in London modeled in nude garments and fearlessly flaunted their beautiful natural bodies as part of a campaign calling on more brands to embrace a wider range of body types.

The campaign was a collaboration between NüNUDE & Love Disfigure. NüNUDE is an underwear company that caters to women of every shape and color — and Love Disfigure is a group that celebrates bodies with disfigurements.

The campaign launched days after the 2018 Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show. The brand faced backlash after its Chief Marketing Officer Ed Razek told Vogue transgender models don’t belong in the Victoria’s Secret fashion show.

“It is important to express that we are not forcing anyone in an angry way to be inclusive,” NüNUDE founder Joanne B. Morales stated. “We are simply spreading the message that fashion can be used as a powerful, influential tool that can inspire women to feel positively about themselves by representing more women.”

Morales offers monthly workshops for women to learn how to boost self-love.

Both companies hope their mission for more body positivity can influence other brands and inspire future generations to support “diversity, self-love, and unity.”