Working Mothers Are Still Earning Significantly Less Than Dads

Author Kristin Rowe-Finkbeiner says the U.S. economy would improve if moms were paid equally.

“We’re not asking for a break. We’re not asking for moms to work less. We’re asking for equal pay for equal work,” she explained to NowThis. “72% of our GDP is based on consumer spending and women and moms make upwards of 80% of our consumer decisions. So that means that when we don’t get paid equally for our work, when we don’t have money in our pocketbooks to spend, then actually the whole economy suffers.”

According to Kristin, moms are hired 80% less than their non-parental counterparts — and their starting salaries are usually $11,000 lower. On the other hand, dads are usually offered $6,000 more if they specify that they’re a parent on their resume. Race also reportedly plays a factor in a mother’s paycheck.

“Moms on average of all races earn about 71 cents to a man’s dollar. But when you really dog down, you learn that Black moms are earning 54 cents to a white dad’s dollar. And Latina moms are earning just 46 cents,” she explained.

Fortunately, more paid family leave and equal pay measures are being passed in state legislatures — and this most due to mothers who have been brave enough to step forward and share their stories.

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