YouTuber Lilly Singh Teams Up With UNICEF To Empower Young People

YouTuber Lilly Singh thinks young people have the potential to solve our biggest problems.

“Young people are so important for the future. I could not emphasize this enough,” she stated. “It’s because of the way we think. It’s because of the world we’ve grown up in. You know, we are one of the most connected generations and we grew up with social media.”

Singh, a.k.a IISuperwomanII, is a UNICEF Goodwill Ambassador who is helping the organization launch Generation Unlimited, an initiative to empower young people around the world through access to education and meaningful jobs.

200 million teens worldwide are not attending school — an issue that Singh thinks we can solve together.

“You know, to any given issue, to any given solution, to any given project, to any given idea, there’s just so many perspectives that could be offered and it’s really important to have all those perspectives because the person standing beside you could have a different upbringing,” she explained. “And so, the more minds the better, the more diverse minds and minds that have come from all walks of life. It’s so important.”

Singh is hoping to use her platform as a social media influencer to inspire young people to fight for a better future.