Ziwe Fumudoh Is Confronting Prejudice & Women's Rights Through Comedy

Ziwe Fumudoh didn’t always want to be a comedian. Growing up, she aspired to be a pop star and president. It wasn’t until college that she found comedy and also fostered her love for poetry.

She eventually moved to New York, where she began her web series, “Baited with Ziwe.” She spoke openly about racial representation, gender, gender equality, and how she experiences the world as a Black woman. She also challenged others to think about taboo subjects like race, sexism, and gender, which often made people uncomfortable, but that’s how she knew she was cultivating good conversation.

It’s through her comedy that Fumudoh feels she can truly express herself. However, there are times when it’s difficult for her to connect with her audience because there isn’t any Black representation. Rather than let this affect her, she channels it into her art, remembering that she can be a role model for other Black women and little girls, just as others paved the way for her.

Every month, she puts on a pop show at New York’s Union Hall. It’s her chance to feel like the pop star she’s always aspired to be, and empower and entertain others while addressing the political climate. Comedy is her way of interpreting politics and turning it into something less bleak.

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