Artist Pablo Rochat Leads Campaign Trolling Burger King

An artist is accusing Burger King of copying his art and has been trolling the chain with phallic drawings. Now his supporters are flooding BK’s Instagram tags with more.

San Francisco-based art director Pablo Rochat called out Burger King after he says the brand’s Swiss account posted this ad on Instagram stories that oddly resembled his work. On June 18, Rochat tagged Burger King in a grid of six posts that appeared like a phallic image.

Rochat’s digital work includes tap-and-hold puzzles on Instagram involving the reassembling of faces of people like Kim Kardashian and Albert Einstein.

“Normally I wouldn’t say anything, but since I was in a pranky mood, I decided to clap back at Burger King,” he explained to NowThis.
More Instagram users have since tagged the fast food chain’s Instagram with doodles, phallic imagery, and messages seeking “Justice for Pablo.”

“There are brands who don’t credit or compensate artists fairly, and often times we have to learn the hard way,” he said. “I’d advise emerging artists to do their best to work with brands who respect and nurture their relationship with creatives, we should stick with them.”

Burger King did not respond to NowThis’ request for comment.