Ghana Has More Female Entrepreneurs Than Any Other Country

Ghana has the highest number of women business owners in the world.

According to Mastercard’s Index of Women’s Entrepreneurship, 46.4% of businesses in Ghana are owned by women. This is significant, given the historically unfavorable entrepreneurial, social, and financial conditions in the country. But Ghana might have the world’s fastest growing economy, with a projected growth rate at 8.3%-8.9%. Russia and Uganda follow Ghana in high female entrepreneurship. Women are often driven to business in less wealthy markets out of necessity or a need to survive.

So, who are some of these awesome women?

There’s Ayisha Fuseini, the CEO of Asheba Enterprise, which produces shea butter products like soaps and body creams, and supplies them to companies like The Body Shop.

Winnifred Selby and Bernice Dapaah are co-founders of Ghana Bamboo Bikes Initiative — a company that produces bikes out of bamboo.

Grace Amey-Obeing is the Founder and CEO of Forever Clair Group of Companies, a beauty and skincare business that steers away from western beauty ideals.

Clearly, there are a lot of great entrepreneurial endeavors going on in the country. Hopefully more countries use their success as an example for what could be if they empowered women to be their own boss.