Ikea Wants You to Pee on This Ad

IKEA wants you to pee on their ad for a discount. Why? Because, if you’re pregnant, their Sundvik Crib becomes a lot cheaper.

On the bottom of the ad, there is a strip where you can add the urine — you can’t miss it, on account of it saying, “Pee here.” After that, all you need to do is wait a couple of minutes. If the ad is positive, a discounted price will appear at the bottom of the original one. It’s pretty ingenious despite the slightly unsavory aspect. This interesting ad is part of IKEA’s promotion for its new membership club called “IKEA Family,” which is a free customer loyalty program.

They worked with Swedish agency Akestam Holst to produce it, and tech company “Mercene Labs” developed the pee technology. It took three to four months to perfect and is part of a larger IKEA Campaign called “Where Life Happens.” It focuses on real life circumstances and features divorced parents, angry teens, or adopted kids. Currently the ad is only available in Sweden’s Amelia Magazine so it’s a bit hard to track down. But, regardless of availability, it definitely has everything you could want in an ad — intrigue, surprises and discounted prices.