Morning Recovery is the Anti-Hangover Drink That Actually Works

This former Tesla, Uber, and Facebook manager is curing bad hangovers with Morning Recovery.

Sisun Lee was on a trip to South Korea (where there’s already a huge anti-hangover market) and was amazed at how people could show up to work after a night of drinking. He tried a hangover remedy product himself and knew he wanted to see more in the States.
The Korean alcohol market is smaller than the States’ but the drinking culture is vastly different. South Koreans drink an average 14 shots of liquor per week — the most in the world. But Korea’s anti-hangover market is valued at $120 million. Lee stumbled on research from USC and started working with researchers there to make his own version called Morning Recovery.

“We sort of took it very incrementally,” he explained. “Let’s try. Ok what’s the next thing that we want to try? Let’s give it to friends. Let’s give it to a bunch of strangers. Let’s get their feedback. And then that kind of rolled into its own community of people who tried Morning Recovery. We called them our sort of beta testers.”

Morning Recovery uses dihydromyricentin (DHM), a flavonoid found in an herb grown in East Asian countries. It breaks down toxins from alcohol to speed up the recovery process.   

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