New Toy PopItPal Mimics Popping a Pimple

This pimple-popping toy feels like the real thing. It’s called the Pop it Pal and it lets you squeeze out fake pimple pus through 15 pimples. The toy was created by husband and wife Billy and Summer Pierce, who say they just loved popping pimples.

But the best part of this is, for every Pop it Pal sold, a portion of the sales go to charities that support anti-bullying.

The team stated, “Six year ago, our daughter, noticed that bullying was becoming such a big problem at her school. At just ten years old, she started “Kidz Against Bullying,” a movement to help spread awareness in our community. Six years later, she’s still passionate about helping spread kindness and compassion into the world.”

Each Pop it Pal comes with a refill bottle of pimple pus and a pus filling tool. So, you can continue popping it over and over again. It comes in two colors and can be yours for $19.99. You can purchase it and be delightfully grossed out over and over again.