Online Grocery Shopping Is Becoming More Popular

Online grocery shopping is a fairly new phenomenon, but its growing at a faster rate than expected. According to Nielsen, 70% of people will do their grocery shopping online in the next five to seven years. Household’s spend $850 million online for food and drink and this number will reportedly jump to $100 billion by 2025.

“The grocery industry is currently in the age of digital experimentation, where the roadmap on how to navigate and achieve real and profitable growth continues to evolve.” Chris Morley, the U.S. President of FMHC and Retail at Nielson stated.

Current online grocery retailers include AmazonFresh, Fresh Direct, Instagrart and Local Harvest. According to Forbes, Amazon currently dominates the market with close to $2 billion in online grocery sales. Their covetable same-day delivery system is only available in a few cities right now, but will be introduced in more cities soon.

Physical stores like Walmart also want to jump on the online bandwagon, and other stores are definitely feeling the pressure of competition. But they’re continuing to stand by their products that they say can’t be bought online. But it’s hard to say how the trends will evolve — maybe we’ll all be doing our grocery shopping online soon.