The Give Back Box Allows You To Donate Old Clothes From Home

This woman is changing the way you donate old clothes.

“One day I was walking and I saw a homeless person sitting on the street holding a sign which said, ‘I need shoes.’ And I had this feeling like, I’m supposed to do something about this.” Monika Wiela explained.

In light of this, she created “Give Back Box” in 2012, a nonprofit company that partners with online retailers to turn your shipping boxes into donation boxes. All you have to do is fill your boxes up with items you don’t need, print out the shipping label that’s already pre-paid, and throw it in the mail.

Wiela stated, “I’m an immigrant, I came to the United States about 12 years ago. And I do love fashion very much so very soon I started my business selling shoes online. I was looking for some way how I can help the planet and how I can simply change the world. I said what I’m going to so, every time when I shop shoes, I will give inside the box a little message to put inside the box their old clothes, shoes, whatever they don’t need anymore. So, in that moment I said, ok, if this works for my little online store, why like every online store don’t do the same thing?”

The company works with companies like Amazon and Nordstrom and the boxes ship directly to local Goodwills and Salvation Armys.