Meet the Kid Who Founded 2 Million Dollar Company Buttonsmith

This kid founded a $2 million company when he was 10, and now his products are sold on Amazon. 14-year-old Henry Burner is the founder of Buttonsmith Inc. The Washington-based company makes magnets, lanyards, and buttons. His products are sold at 1,600 Walmart stores, and soon will be sold on It’s Henry’s signature Tinker Reels though, that give them an edge over competitors. While most retractable badge holders feature a stationary top, Henry’s badge reels are magnetic, making the tops swappable so customers can personalize them. A patent is currently pending on the design. Henry started Buttonsmith as a 4th grade project, and he believes other kids can start something too, “…Kids can do big things,” says Henry, “They just have to start it as something that they can do in their pastime and grow it from there.”