This New Business Provides A Place For People To Nap


People are paying to sleep at this new nap café.

Nap York is a 24-hour quiet space, where people come to take naps in nap pods. It’s located in the heart of midtown Manhattan. The eco-friendly pods are soundproof and nappers can draw the curtains for privacy.

“People are reacting really positively to the napping pods and having a quiet and relaxing place to come and just take that break,” explained Nap York’s Head of Marketing Stacy Veloric. “After each use, we disinfect and sanitize the pod. We change the pillow, we give you a fresh blanket, and we also partnered with Airwave Mattress, they’re considered the cleanest mattress in the world. We also covered out mattresses with a vegan leather cover because it’s super easy to clean and sanitize.”

Visitors also come to the space do yoga, meditate or eat — it’s sort of like WeWork but for people who want to relax. You book ahead of time online and it offers pay-as-you-go membership prices. It’s $10 for 30 minutes in a nap pod, while memberships range from $10 to $150 a month.

Veloric says they’re adding 23 additional pods and plan on expanding the space to include a rooftop with hammocks to lounge in.

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