Trump's America

'Trump Slump' Impacting U.S. Tourism

U.S tourism as plummeted $4.6 billion since Trump took office, translating to 40,000 jobs lost. According to the National Travel and Tourism Office, there’s a three percent drop in travel spending and a four percent dip in incoming travel. It has also caused the U.S. to lose its spot as the world’s second most popular destination for foreign travel.

France currently takes the top spot, followed by Spain — but this isn’t exactly news. Tourism has been dropping since Trump took office, in fact, people have been calling it the “Trump Slump.” Trump's travel ban and his negative stance on policies that most other parts of the world deem acceptable (like environmental safety) add to this trend.

The U.S. Travel Association plans on launching a “Visit U.S.” lobbying campaign to remind Washington that foreign tourists are important for the American economy. Trump may have an “America first” stance, but the tourism industry is important — and it’s sinking under his command.