Andrew Yang Talks About Universal Basic Income And Running On It For President

Andrew Yang founded Venture for America — a program that places new graduates at startups. Now he’s running for president with the hope of implementing universal basic income.

“If enough Americans come together, raise our hands and say, ‘yes, we want universal basic income,’ then we can make it happen in 2021 and it would be the first thing I do as president,” he explained.

Universal basic income allows every American citizen to get a certain amount of money every month, regardless of work status. Under Yang’s plan, every American between the ages of 18 and 64 would receive $1,000 a month.

“We’re going through the greatest technological and economic shift in our history, and we need to accelerate our society and government to keep pace with the challenges of 2020,” Yang stated. “We’ve already automated away millions of manufacturing jobs and we’re about to do the same thing for workers in retail, truck driving, call centers, fast food restaurants, and on and on throughout the economy.”

Yang believes that, since our economy is up to $19 trillion in size, that we can easily afford $1,000 per adult per month. The income would also help level the playing field in terms of economic status, which he believes will give way to more social justice.

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