Who Gives a Crap Wants You To Think About Your Toilet Paper

This toilet paper company wants you to give a crap.

Who Gives A Crap sells sustainable toilet paper — and 50% of its profits go to charity to help build toilets and improve sanitation around the world. Their recycled line of paper, which makes up 70% of its sales, is made from old office books and school supplies. Their packaging is also recyclable and can be used for crafts of gift wrapping.

“Most environmentally friendly products on the market were just a really poor product experience. They were inferior quality and more expensive, and they smelled bad,” explained the company’s co-founder Danny Alexander. “Our mission is to make every trip to the bathroom a feel-good experience. So, for us that means two things: One, it means trying to get everyone using delightful toilet paper that’s not made from trees. And two, is to make sure everyone on earth has access to a toilet.”

The company launched in Australia in 2012, and has since expanded to 30 different countries with investors and retails inquiring regularly.  
Their first charity partner was WaterAid Australia and the company has donated to them every year since launching. Its first donation was $2,500 but they are now able to donate over $1 million — and hoping to double that number this year. They also work with Sanergy in Nairobi, Shofco in Nairobi, and the Lwala Community Alliance in Kenya.