Workout and You'll 'Find' Cryptocurrency With The New 'Sweatcoin' App

You can now earn cryptocurrency just by exercising. A new app called Sweatcoin promises to fill your digital wallet. It connects to your GPS location, as well as your health and fitness data. It then tracks your daily steps — walk enough and you’ll start “finding” more and more of the currency, earning you roughly one 'Sweatcoin' for every 1,000 steps. You can then trade the Sweatcoins for things like workout gear, classes and gift cards. The app only works if you’re walking outside though, so there’s less chance you can skimp on a workout while still earning the currency.

Sweatcoin isn’t the first of its kind to reward users. Achievement and Charity Miles also give users a monetary reward. Still, Sweatcoin raised $5.7 million in its seed stage of funding — so you can count on it to offer some serious incentives. It isn’t active on Blockchain yet, which is the system in which cryptocurrencies are traded. But that doesn’t seem to be a problem, since its team is focused on maintaining its growing customer database, which stands at 2.28 million users. Imagine a world where you can use your fitness to pay for things you want — well, this could be a reality soon.