Young Hustle: Sisters Start Million Dollar Bath Bomb Company

These sisters started a multimillion-dollar business from a $25 investment. Caroline and Isabel Bercaw are co-founders of Da Bomb Bath Fizzers. The “sisterpreneurs” started the company when they were just 10 and 11 years old. They are now 15 and 16 years old.

“Growing up, we used to use bath bombs a lot. The bath bombs left kind of a residue in the tub so we decided to formulate a recipe ourselves. We’re making around 500,000 bath bombs a month. But it’s not just us. We also have over 150 employees,” one of the co-founding sisters said.

The girls recently donated some proceeds to clean up the ocean with sales of their Earth Bomb:

“Something that we really wanted to put our business was that charitable aspect. We’re always super passionate about giving back and contributing to cleaning up the oceans because it has been a problem for a while now and we really wanted to give back.”

They went on to state, “A lot of times little girls will come up to us and they’ll say, ‘How did you do this? I want to do this too,’ and that was really surprising to us but also really cool. We got to share our story with other people and hopefully inspire them.”