Black Panther Explained: The Wonderful World of Wakanda

When choosing your next vacation destination, don’t limit yourself to destinations that actually exist. This kingdom in the Marvel universe offers wonders beyond your wildest dreams. Over thousands of years, Wakanda has developed a rich culture, advanced technology and had been untouched by colonization.

The destination is perfect for people with wanderlust, but make sure you visit “The Great Mound” first. That’s where an asteroid of alien metal called “vibrainum” struck the earth and forever altered the civilization around it. Vibranium is basically indestructible and is worth a lot of money.

The city of Birnin Zana is one of the most technologically advanced places in the universe and the isolation allows its people to sustain this amazing utopia. Also, everyone is privy to the same knowledge in this city.

The Royal Palace showcases the city's religious roots and pays immense tribute to the black panther. Ever since Wakanda entered the world stage, it’s been a major target for villains. So it wouldn’t hurt to look over your shoulder once or twice for Wakanda’s most wanted like Erik Killmonger who has a serious vendetta against the city. In addition to being super smart and super jacked, he’s also looking for revenge, so watch out!

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