Child’s Play: The True Story of Chucky

“Child’s Play” is a horror movie classic, the ultimate iteration of the evil doll concept, and since the first movie in 1988, it has become one of the world’s most beloved slasher franchises. Chucky, as brought to life by Brad Dourif, brings plenty of kills and the comedy, and his infamy has spawned plenty of sequels and spin-offs.  

The best of Chucky finds a balance between comedy and horror, and the movies have definitely reflected the changing tastes of the times. Now, with the “Child’s Play” reboot, we’ve got an all new incarnation of the Good Guy to gush over, and from the first trailer 2019, we knew that this Chucky would be a very different beast. We were nervous about the killer doll’s new voice, but with every scene we’ve seen so far, the new Mark Hamill Chucky grows on us more—and Aubrey Plaza rarely disappoints, either. Of course, the “Child’s Play” reboot means we won’t have Andy, Tiffany, Glen or Glenda, and all the other characters that Charles Lee Ray encountered in his life and afterlife.

“Child’s Play” explained a lot about Chucky’s origins, but as for the original character’s future, we’ll have to wait for the upcoming TV series to see where the pint-sized slasher winds up next.

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