Dark Phoenix: The True Story

The “Uncanny X-Men” are no strangers to iconic comics storylines, but more than most superhero sagas, the “Phoenix” and “Dark Phoenix” sagas defined the Marvel mutants. Jean Grey, a founding member of the X-Men, unlocks her full potential thanks to a cosmic entity known as the Phoenix Force, but when the power overwhelms her, Phoenix unleashes her rage on an unsuspecting universe. For the XMen, Dark Phoenix is a villain they can’t bear to battle, and in the shocking original “X-Men Dark Phoenix” ending, Jean herself makes the ultimate sacrifice.

This will be the final entry in the Fox “X-Men” movie series before Disney takes over, and is another attempt to adapt the infamous saga, as the “X-Men” animated series and so many others have tried before. But, as “Dark Phoenix” exemplified, some sagas are too complex and cosmic for the small universe the Fox X-Men movies have created. The latest film is asking a lot of star Sophie Turner, Dark Phoenix of the day, and we are intrigued as to how the comics would translate to the screen in the last gasp of the franchise. Time will tell how the mutants will fare in the MCU, but for now, we can say goodbye to the Fox “X-Men” saga when the Dark Phoenix ending finally rolls.

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