How to Kill Doppelgangers

In the new Jordan Peele horror movie “Us,” the director of “Get Out” returns with another terrifying tale, this time about the evil twins known as doppelgangers. Throughout history, they’ve gone by many names, but whether you call it a doppelganger, or doppelgänger with the umlaut, evil twin, double, duplicate, lookalike, or imposter, seeing your evil alternate is a creepy, scary, unsettling experience—which is exactly why Peele’s movie is all about the terrifying tethered.

With “Us,” he has spun a tale of tethers and twins that terrorize a family made up of Winston Duke and Lupita Nyong'o. From the first sight of the scissors in the first official trailer, we were salivating over every trailer, clip in the hopes of getting some analysis before the thriller is released. Throughout horror history, doppelgangers have been a staple of movies, TV, games, and more. And while they’ve racked up quite the kill count, they play second fiddle to the psychological terror. From David Lynch and “Twin Peaks” to Evil Ash Williams in “Army of Darkness,” doppelganger horror teaches us that the true monsters are within.

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