How To Kill Dracula

How do you kill one of horror’s most iconic characters? It’s going to take a lot of garlic, wooden stakes, and a history lesson to learn how to slay the blood-sucking Casanova known as Count Dracula.

The count got his name from Vlad Dracula or Vlad the Impaler, whose favorite execution method could have inspired the blood sucker’s best-known weakness — a stake through the heart. Dracula is most vulnerable when he’s in his death sleep, which recharges his energy before night time. This is the opportune time for a quick stake through the heart. Luring him into the sun can also sufficiently fry him, which has been exemplified in plenty of Dracula films throughout time.

Some more modern vampire movies like “Blade Runner” and “Van Helsing,” have killed off their Dracula characters in more unique ways, like with a special chemical injection or a werewolf bite to the throat.  

One of the most iconic Dracula interpretations was through Hammer Film Productions, which gave us multiple movies with the titular lead, mostly played by Christopher Lee. In these films, the count dies plenty of ways: candlesticks in the shape of a cross, dissolving on a church alter, and being impaled on a golden cross.

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