How to Kill Evil Animals

“Pet Sematary,” the most terrifying novel from horror icon Stephen King, is already one of the most legendary horror movies of all time. “Pet Sematary” 1989 is creepy, scary, and utterly terrifying, but the new “Pet Sematary” 2019 looks like it takes a very different path through the Pet cemetery. “Pet Sematary” is the story of a family destroyed by grief, and how the promise of the Pet Cemetery tears them apart, quite literally. The “Pet Sematary” remake is introducing the  story to a new generation, but certain constants will remain: zombies, the wendigo, old men from Maine, and, of course, Church the cat.

“Pet Sematary” is only the latest in a horror movie tradition of depicting the most evil animals of all, and throughout the history of animal horror movies, our precious pets have no predilections about turning on us. From the devil dog in the Cujo movie to the killer cat of Uninvited, these adorable creatures have racked up enough kills and deaths for a body count that rivals any humanoid slasher. But beyond the kill count, there’s just something inherently horrifying about our fluffy furry friends turning on us in such an evil fashion. The original “Pet Sematary” explained a lot about human’s reconciling with mortality, and the twist ending left us terrified, but as we’ve seen from every new ‘Pet Sematary” trailer, clip, and scene, the new movie is delivering a fresh, fearsome take on one of the scariest horror stories ever told.

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